Application Chemistry

Organomagnesium compounds are widely used in the preparation of various types of organic compounds. The industrial synthesis of certain organosilicon compounds, aromatic substances, and Pharmaceuticals is carried out with the aid of organomagnesium compounds.


Catalog # Product CAS #
B1038 n-Butylmagnesium chloride in DBE 693-04-9 Specs MSDS
B1040 tert-Butylmagnesium chloride in DEE 677-22-5 Specs MSDS
D1050 Dibutylmagnesium, 17% in Heptane (DBM) 39881-32-8 Specs MSDS
D1057 Dibutylmagnesium, 14% in Hexane (DBM) 39881-32-8 Specs MSDS
E1011 Ethylmagnesium bromide in THF 925-90-6 Specs MSDS
I1019 Isopropylmagnesium bromide, 2.2M in DEE (iPrMgBr) 920-39-8 Specs MSDS
I1012 Isopropylmagnesium bromide, 1.2M in DEE (iPrMgBr) 920-39-8 Specs MSDS
I1014 Isopropylmagnesium chloride in THF, (iPrMgCl) 1068-55-9 Specs MSDS
M1026 Methylmagnesium chloride in THF, (MeMgCl) 676-58-4 Specs MSDS
P1032 Phenylmagnesium chloride in THF 100-59-4 Specs MSDS