Chemical Process Development

Optima can assist with the development of new molecules. Our development staff provides the process and analytical support to take your project from the idea stage to commercialization.  We have a staff of experienced chemists and chemical engineers that can provide assistance to customers in process development, new product start-ups, and
process improvement projects.

Process Development

  • Bench Scale
  • 22 liter Kilo Lab
  • 50 gallon Pilot Plant
  • 250 gallon Pilot Plant


Lab Capabilities

  • GC – Perkin Elmer Auto system, Varian 3380 with FID and TCD detectors
  • HPLC – Perkin Elmer Series 200 UV/Vis detector, Varian Model 345 UV/Vis detector, Spectra System RI-150 detector
  • FTIR – Nicolet 380 with Smart Performer (Zn-Se crystal)
  • Karl Fischer – Mettler Toledo DL 38
  • Wet analysis – Mettler DL70 ES Auto Titrator
  • Color (Lab color space) – Minolta Chromo Meter CR-300
  • NMR & C-13 NMR – Same day service from Valdosta State University, Varian 300 MHz FT NMR (Mercury Series)
  • GC Mass Spec – Same day service from Valdosta State University, Hewlett Packard 5971A MSD